Workforce Trends: What's Coming in 2017?

The new year brings many new opportunities with it, and along with these new opportunities are going to be plenty of innovations within the workplace. Expect to see the small business world continue to evolve in exciting and groundbreaking ways. Technological solutions and revised business plans are just a few of the many trends that will dominate the 2017 business landscape. Here are the top workforce trends business owners and HR professionals can expect to see in 2017.
Millennials Are Old News
The focus of hiring for years has been on integrating millennials and their needs into the workplace, but as of 2017 the next generation has arrived. Gen Zers (those born after 1994-1996) will be entering the workface now at the entry level and now HR leaders have to figure out what motivates them and if they have special skills or weaknesses.
Annual Performance Reviews May be Back
Over the last few years many major companies have ditched annual performance reviews believing that the reviews were a scare tactic that did not actually engage or encourage employees. However, now that some time has passed a lot of companies have noticed that performance has actually dropped as a result. HR leaders are likely going to be collecting a lot more data over 2017 in an attempt to figure out how to effectively utilize performance management in terms of information.
Work Place Culture Will Shift Again
Every couple of years it seems that work place culture alters to fit in with the current standards of an ethical business place. Following some ugly scandals that have hit major companies such as Wells Fargo, Toshiba, VW, and more there is going to be another huge shift over the course of 2017. What all of these scandals had in common is that standards were set so high that employees were forced to unethically cut corners to obtain them. When the focus is figures the result is often unethical behavior, so it’s likely that there will be an emphasis on ethical work culture this year and how to craft it.
Non-traditional Workers Continue to Rise
One of the biggest shifts of last year that will continue to influence workers this year will be the increase in non-traditional workers. In particular contingent workers which include contractors, interns, and freelancers will continue to rise. The internet has made it possible for people to freelance with a lot more ease, and the new generation of workers are capitalizing on the freedom. This will be a challenge for HR leaders and managers who will continue to troubleshoot how to treat them as non-traditional staff members and how to integrate them into the culture of their organization from the outside.
Regardless of the impact that these trends may have on the workplace, we are anxious to see what the new year brings and how workplaces will deal with new issues and continue to refine effective HR management and leadership tactics. The best workplace cultures are crafted by HR teams and business leaders that know flexibility is the key to sustainability.