Join the Employer Leadership Council and the Workforce Planning Board of York Region on June 20, 2017 to get insights on how Ontario is looking to reform the Employment Standards Act, 2000 to better protect workers while supporting business in today’s shifting economy. Hear from a panel of expert labour and employment lawyers on proposed changes that could trigger the most significant reforms related to:

  • Defining employees, interns and trainees
  • Hours of work, overtime and vacation entitlement
  • Termination, severance and just cause
  • Strategies for enforcement


Keynote Speaker: The Value of Your Employees – Ian Proudfoot

Valued and empowered employees create strategic opportunities for increased workplace innovation. Employers need to embrace the notion of actively valuing their employees to receive a huge pay-off. Realizing and sustaining this notion enables employers to attract, retain and engage the very best as well as create workplaces that inspire, channel, and reinforce desired levels of innovation.

Keynote Speaker: 7 Ways to Engage Your Employee – Josh Davies

Find out about easy-to-implement tactics that will inspire team members, build a foundation of trust, and create a culture of success in any organization. Learn how employers can adapt what high-performing organizations are doing to engage today’s increasingly demanding employees.

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