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Employers, just like you, reveal how apprentices have made a profitable and productive impact on their businesses. View the following videos to find out more about the net benefit, profitability, tax credits and signing bonuses available to employers when hiring apprentices in their business.  Your local Employment Ontario Service provider can help you get started at no cost.

Construction contractors, auto repair shops and culinary employers in York Region reveal how apprentices have made a positive impact on their companies. Find out the Net Benefit and profitability, tax credits, signing bonuses, the help available and the ease of reporting.

From improved productivity to a skilled loyal employee, Construction Contractors reveal how apprentices have made a positive impact on their companies.

Improved productivity, how quickly they learn, to having a skilled loyal employee, Auto Shop Owners reveal how apprentices have benefited their business.

The importance of finding the right candidate, how quickly they improve and a loyal employee who knows your business, Chefs and managers reveal how apprentices are an important part of their company.

How to plan for an apprentice and answers to the misconceptions that employers might have about apprentices.

The financial return on investment and the tax credits, incentives and signing bonuses that are waiting for employers who hire apprentices.

The various government tax credits and how they work.

What happens when an employer contacts employment services?

The process of registering an apprentice, the ease of reporting and the obligations of the apprentice.

The apprenticeship process for the employer; the support Employment Services can provide in matching an apprentice with an employer; bonuses and wage subsidies and the ongoing assistance.

Answering why employers should not be hesitant to hire an apprentice.

The apprentice's commitment to their career and how they become a valuable employee to the business.

Minister of Research and Innovation and Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities and Richmond Hill Member of Provincial Parliament, Dr. Reza Moridi brings greetings from the Province of Ontario

Executive Director of the Workforce Planning Board of York Region and Bradford West Gwillimbury welcomes York Region employers:

  1. Lou Gizzarelli, President of Neopost Canada who will highlight the Pillars of the Neopost Talent Management Strategy
  2. Joel MacCharles, Vice President of Innovation for Allied Global discusses Recruitment on a Budget
  3. Nancy Benetton Chief Executive Officer of Cameraworks Productions International, highlights Internship as a way to Pre-Screen New Candidates
  4. Patti Thompson, Director of Sales and Marketing from King Cole Ducks talks about the benefits of Implementing an Employee Engagement Program for your Business
  5. Andrew Stewart, Vice President of Human Resources at Compugen Inc. discusses Workforce Surveys Best Practices

Executive Director of the Workforce Planning Board of York Region and Bradford West Gwillimbury welcomes York Region employers:

  1. Melissa Maker, President from Clean My Space highlights the benefits of Implemented Essential skills into her Organization’s Orientation Sessions
  2. Bob Lowe, Director Health & Safety Management, Quality Assurance from The Matcom Group discuss why Employers Should Train Their Employees
  3. Ted Chant, President of The Chant Group on why employers should Build Relationships with Education
  4. Naresh Sharma, Regional Director of Investors Group on Working with Internationally Trained Professionals
  5. David Williams, Warehouse Manager of Priestly Demolition talks about Believing in Peoples Abilities

Max Valiquette is a frequent speaker across Canada and is an expert on the Millennial Generation and how to engage them in the workplace.







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