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We are here to help!

Let the Thornhill Employment Hub be the first step in your quest for recruiting new employees. The greatest challenge facing employers in the hiring process is finding the right candidate effectively and in a time sensitive manner. We can assist you in matching the right candidate with not only the technical abilities to do the job, but one who will also fit in with your Corporate Culture. We also provide information on accessing many of the government sponsored incentives for employers.

We provide at no cost:
A dedicated team of job developers and employment advisors to recruit and place the right candidate matched to your specific needs.

A pool of qualified and motivated job ready candidates in one location streamlining your selection process
Collaboration on marketing and facilitation of job fairs hosted within our centre
Advertising of job postings to an audience of diverse clients and associated employment service providers within the region.

Information on and access to a variety of employment and training programs available to employers through Employment Ontario.

For more employer information: Employment Hub Thornhill

8199 Yonge Street Unit 101B
Thornhill, ON
Ph: 905-707-7332
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