York Region Transportation Study

Ontario’s Central Region is economically dynamic, diverse, and on the move. Every year, thousands of individuals move in and out of each of the municipalities that make up Ontario’s Central Region. patterns illustrate that Toronto accounts for a large number of movers, but in proportion to its population, York has greater mobility.

This report provides statistical data demonstrating the ways in which Ontario’s Central Region is on the move and describes routes within and across the region, highlighting some distinct patterns:

  • The City of Toronto, together with Peel and York Regions to a slightly lesser extent, are major settlement areas for newcomers.
  • Toronto residents move in large numbers to York, Peel and Durham.
  • Peel residents move in large numbers to Halton and to a smaller extent to Simcoe.
  • York loses some residents to Simcoe and Durham.
  • Movement in Simcoe and especially Muskoka is more muted.