Workforce Trends in York Region 2017- 2018

The Workforce Planning Board of York Region is a community-based, not-for-profit organization that serves the community of York Region by gathering intelligence on the supply and demand of the local labour market. The Board works with employers to identify and meet their current and emerging skills needs. The primary role of  the Board is to help improve understanding of and coordinate community responses to labour market issues and needs.

Our “Workforce Trends”- Local Labour Market Plan Report provides an update on the current labour market conditions in York Region.

Our evidence base process includes:

  • A literature review combined with a comprehensive analysis of Canadian Business Counts, Labour Force Survey, Employment Ontario, York Region Employment Survey as well as Wanted Analytics data
  • Employer Consultations
  • Community Consultations

Report Contents:

1. About the Workforce Planning Board.
2. Methodology
3. Planning for future Growth
4. Employer Characteristics
5. Labour Force Characteristics
6. Labour Force Activity
7. Engaging Stakeholders to Identify Local Intelligence and Increase Awareness
8. Employment Services Support for Employers and Job Seekers
9. Labour Market Priorities 2018 – 2020

The Workforce Planning Board wishes to acknowledge the collaborative effort put forth by the many community stakeholders and associations in York Region that can only result in effective workforce planning outputs designed to meet the needs of local employers and job seekers.