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  • 4,300+ Information Communications Technology (ICT) companies making it the highest technology sector concentration in Canada relative to population.
  • 65,000 Tech Based employees work in York Region.
  • 4 of Canada’s Top 10 ICT corporate R&D investors including IBM’s largest software development lab outside of USA.
  • Recognized as “Canada’s largest Enterprise Solutions ICT cluster”.
  • Highest concentration of tech workforce in Toronto-Waterloo.
  • 22 of Canada’s TOP 100 IT solution providers have operations in York Region.

Located in: Vaughan, ON

SolidCAD is dedicated to creating a friendly, family-like atmosphere within our workplace environment. We have a social committee dedicated to creating fun and inclusive team building and social events in and outside the office. SolidCAD loves to work with our employees to ensure their happiness. We offer flexible hours and work schedule that allows the ability for employees to work from home when needed. Our goal is to accommodate every individual employee need.


Located in: Markham, ON

Internal Event Days! We have a variety of internal activities that we undertake during the year – potlucks, fundraisers, group walks (Finch to Union), jersey days (Fifa World Cup) and the occasional BBQ in the parking lot. It encourages interaction between department


Located in: Markham, ON

Doxim has grown rapidly as we continue to expand across North America. To bring our teams together, we are launching multiple initiatives to promote collaboration, celebrating each local community, learning from each other, having fun and being successful as an entire company. Some of the things we have rolled out are our new digital screens in offices, common open concept office design in each location, Slack and video conferencing promoting collaboration. In addition, we are experimenting and supporting many fun employee-led initiatives at Doxim.


Located in: Markham, ON

Nexeya is a world leader in electrical interconnect test solutions for products as small as a pacemaker to components on large commuter trains, plains and ships. Watching our staff solve problems by taking information from something they have learned in one industry and applying it to another is truly amazing. "Let's merge our talents" is the motto that you can find under our logo, but is more than just the slogan, it is the way we operate. It is collaborative, it is experimental, but in the end it is working together to solve problems that makes Nexeya an organization our employees are proud to be a part of.