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  • Over 300 life science and health tech firms
  • Over 1,500 physician offices, labs, clinics, and other health facilities
  • Three world-class hospitals with Canada’s first ‘smart’ hospital – Mackenzie Health Vaughan – now under construction
  • Hospital-embedded innovation and corporate collaboration centers: Mackenzie Innovation Institute (Mi2) and CreateIT Southlake

Located in: Aurora, ON

Aurora Scientific designs and manufactures electronic test instrumentation meeting the experimental needs of leading life science and material sciences researchers around the world. Our muscle physiology community studies the contractile properties of muscle and related tissues to learn how that tissue is affected by performance, injury and disease, to name a few. Our neuroscience community studies how the neural network interacts with our senses of smell, touch and pain. They all seek to make discoveries that will improve quality of life.
We look for employees who have a passion for what they do, who care about, and want to be involved in, their work environment, and who are genuinely interested in the successes of our clients.
As a small company it can be hard to make a big impact leading to employee engagement. We believe in making many small inroads, from our quarterly birthday celebrations, our wall honouring long-term employees, summer barbeques, collaborative decision-making, celebrating personal achievements, our focus on health and wellness initiatives and our prioritizing of support for individual needs as they arise.