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  • Manufacturing is the Region’s largest employment sector at 15% or 79,600 jobs
  • Transportation equipment manufacturing is the region’s largest manufacturing sub-sector
  • York Region is home to 2,627 manufacturers
  • Manufacturing employment has increased on an average annual rate of 1.7% since 2011


Our employees are participating in Richard Branson’s Virgin Pulse Global Challenge with teams around the globe on a 100-day challenge to improve fitness, diet and sleep patterns. The goal is to enhance the overall well-being of employees while having fun and building relationships across departments within the corporation.


We celebrate 10 years of working at Lotek, by providing two $5,000 draws to travel and work with biologists on an Earthwatch expedition. If your name is drawn, you choose where you want to go. The time is in addition to vacation.  For many staff, this has been a highlight of their working career at Lotek.