About Employer Connect

Why Use Employer Connect

Professional and technology-based programs at post-secondary education (PSE) institutions must evolve to keep pace with today’s labor market. As a leader in your industry or sector, you have the opportunity to provide workplace experience and influence the training and skill sets of tomorrow's workforce.

Using Employer Connect      

  • Using the drop down menu, search for the National Occupation Classification (NOC) that best describes the occupation within your organization that you are considering for a Co-op, Internship or Field Placement.
  • Review the placement opportunities and criteria offered by the PSE institutions in the Great Toronto and Hamilton Area and select the institutions that best suits the work-term you have to offer.
  • Look at the contact information for the institution(s) of your choice, contact the institution and start a dialogue about opportunities to host a student in your organization.

Benefits for Employers

  • Helps your organization fulfill short-term recruitment needs.
  • Ensure a good company fit without a long-term commitment.
  • Train a prospective new hire at a reduced rate of pay when employers take advantage of potential subsidies that are available.
  • Work closer with educational institutions on the curriculum that is being delivered to occupations in your industry or sector.