Hire an Apprentice

Hire an Apprentice. It Makes Good Business Sense.

Are you a skilled tradesperson? Will an apprentice be right for your business? The answers are right here, in our video series!Employers, just like you, reveal how apprentices have made a profitable and productive impact on their business. View the following videos to find out more about the net benefit, profitability, tax credits and signing bonuses available to employers when hiring apprentices in their business. Your local Employment Ontario Service provider can help you get started at no cost.

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Finding help to hire an apprentice

Finding the right apprentice is very important.

Hire an Apprentice… It makes good business sense!

A Day in the Life – ICT Sector Professional

Apprentices become a valuable employee quickly

Why employers should not be hesitant to hire an apprentice

The process of hiring an apprentice

Paperwork and reporting for apprentices

Explaining the tax credits available

Tax credits and signing bonuses for employers with apprentices

Planning for employers before hiring an apprentice

Culinary Employers talk about hiring Apprentices

Auto Repair Shops talk about hiring Apprentices

Construction Contractors talk about hiring Apprentices

Hire an Apprentice.ca… It makes good business sense!