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Improving Your Recruiting Strategy: Hire Internationally Trained, Skilled Newcomers

Recruiters of today are very actively hiring skilled immigrants not just in Canada, but around the world. Touted as a very sound recruiting decision, numerous large corporations are giving internationally trained, highly skilled newcomers the chance to showcase the talent within our workforce.

Corporate institutions of all sizes, large and small, are giving internationally trained, skilled newcomers the opportunity to work in their organizations. Here’s why.

A Diminishing Home Workforce

The overall global workforce of the developed world is diminishing. There are various reasons why, but mainly the fact that baby boomers are retiring at an increasing pace, and not enough Canadians are meeting the employer’s educational demands, which is creating a considerable gap within the Canadian labour. Recruiting and hiring immigrant workers allows organizations to overcome shortage of skilled personnel.

An Advantageous Skill Set

By choosing to incorporate immigrants within an institutional workforce, corporations are taking advantage of the widespread range of skill sets the immigrant workers have. Internationally trained, immigrant workers bring in global working standard practices and skills within your work environment as well give valuable access to intimate knowledge regarding global markets.

Improve Productivity

Immigrant workers, equipped with different and better skills not only help boost the innovation of a Canadian organization, but they also help meet the demand for labour hence improving overall productivity.

Cultural Diversity

One of the most obvious advantages of recruiting skilled immigrants is the opportunity to create cultural diversity within the workplace. By hiring employees from all walks of life, belonging to different cultures and following different traditions, organizations are integrating diverse experiences and lines of thought and bringing them together under one roof. This allows a business venture to improve and grow into its overall creativity.

Increased Connectivity

Most immigrants are either bilingual or multilingual, which means that by hiring a skilled immigrant employee, you are very effectively creating a cultural bridge between your organization and another. This improves the ultimate strength of a corporate institution by giving them the necessary competitive edge over other companies. Organizations are able to establish better global communication and hence positively affect business growth.

Opportunities to Venture into New Niche Markets

Workplaces can benefits in terms of innovation and overall workplace performance by truly recognizing the talents and skills that are brought on by hiring skilled immigrants. By integrating internationally educated and trained workers within your labour force and tapping their abilities, companies can depend on their expertise to venture into new niche markets and effectively expand their organization.

Learn More

Skilled immigrants are a valuable asset to the Canadian workforce that can do much to take your business venture to new heights of success. You, as an employer stand to gain from the high education levels, expertise, command on languages, competitiveness, global experience and so much more.

To learn more about how you can successfully recruit skilled immigrants for business growth, investigate the IEP bridging programs offered by various educational institutions in Ontario, such as:

Seneca College

York University

Humber College

George Brown College

University of Toronto – Rotman School of Management

For a complete list of Ontario Bridge Training programs supported by the Ontario government, hclick here.

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