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Recruiting a great candidate is one thing, getting them to stay past the first three months is another. How can human resources ensure that their carefully chosen candidate will stick around?
Hiring top talent is not the only thing that defines your success as a recruiter. HR management cannot call scouting and recruiting a job well done because HR is not just about hiring the right people, it’s also about keeping them around. As a HR manager you not only have to ensure that you employ a well-suited candidate but also that the employee realizes their maximum potential, and feels satisfied with their job environment. Then and only then will you gain employee engagement and loyalty, the two essential components for employee retention.
The HR strategies that guarantee employee loyalty and retention include:

Intelligent Recruitment

The recruitment process speaks volumes about ultimate employee loyalty and retention. If the recruitment process itself is tedious and haphazard, it’s unlikely to translate to successful hires. It’s essential to ensure that the organization hire the employees in a faster, more productive manner.

Extensive Training and Mentoring

Once hired, it is essential that the employers provide the necessary training and mentoring required by the employees. It will help ensure that the employees effectively understand their job requirement, have a reinforced sense of value for company, and have the guidance they need to navigate their career path and growth within the organization.

Successful Communication

Effective communication is key component for any relationship to survive, personal or professional. It is especially important in a considerably sized organization where an employee’s individuality can become shrouded in team efforts.
To instill employee loyalty and build brand credibility, employers should ensure there is free and open communication between the team members as well as the managers or supervisor. Unless there is active communication and transparency within the communication, it’s unlikely for the employee to realize that they are being valued within the organization.

Thoughtful Compensation

Encouragement, especially the encouragement provided in the form of monetary compensation or various perks works as an effective motivator for employee retention. Competitive salaries, pension plans, health benefits, bonuses, monetary reimbursements, paid vacation time and sick leaves all send a powerful message of appreciation to the employee, influencing them to stay committed to the company.

Valuable Insight, Guidance and Feedback

It’s vital for the employee to know that their efforts are being appreciated. What’s more, it’s imperative for the employee to learn that their growth is being monitored so that they may remain in line with the company goals and expectations.
Employers should aim to provide the employees with extensive feedback and insight into their progress as well as provide the guidance, coaching, and reinforcement necessary to ensure they’re on the right path. Not only will this instill a sense of worth in the employee, it will make them feel more responsible towards their work, motivating them to reach a higher pinnacle of work performance.

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