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Talent seeking and hiring the right person for the right job has always been a tricky, tough job. It’s only gotten tougher still with the rising expectations of the recruited, because let’s face it – nowadays almost everyone has a handle on their talent and they aren’t about to agree to anything less than the best offer on the table. That puts a majority of us recruiters in a fix. How do we hire the best talent, but within the organizational budget?  Here’s how.

Use Social Media

The next generation’s THE digitized generation. It’s the time of Twitter babies, and Facebook teens and whatnot.
Today, there’s an endless slew of social media platforms that are crowded with potential candidates. It’s time that you learn to leverage the internet as a medium for sourcing and directly recruiting new talent. Post job listings on Facebook, promote Twitter hashtags, host live job Q&A sessions on Periscope, and utilize LinkedIn to raise awareness about your brand.

Cultivate Relationships

Most recruiters fail to realize the importance of cultivating their relationships within the relative industry to maximize their candidate pool. University placement offices, online job portals, professional associations, HR conference organizations, executive search firms, other industry professionals and recruiters are all great sources of potential candidates to hire. Take the time to nurture and develop lasting professional relationships to widen and improve the range of your talent pool for better selection.
What’s more, be sure to maintain a connection with all possible candidates who might not be the right fit at the present time, but could potentially be a great prospect for a future position.

Ensure the Recruitment Process is Simple, Straightforward, and Painless

As we mentioned earlier, the candidates today are almost as picky as us recruiters are with the job prospects. Rightly so, it’s believed. To increase the chances of a successful hire of the best talent of the entire candidate pool, it’s recommended that you simplify the overall recruitment process.
People, regardless of whether they’re in the market for a corporate job, or a service industry position, appreciate forthrightness during and after the recruitment process. Unnecessary complications such as pages and pages of information before they even hand in their resume are likely to put a candidate off before you proceed towards an interview. The fact of the matter is, a top tier candidate is rating and evaluating you and your organization almost as much as you are them, especially when they have various other job prospects lined up. No one will want to stay around if the first step into the door is so difficult.

Be Accurate

Accuracy for successful recruitment is an absolute must. And that’s accuracy of job placement adverts that we’re talking about here. Ensure that the job listing you’ve posted is not only clear, it is also precise and to the point. Vague details, and inaccurate descriptions of what a job entails do more damage to your recruitment results than you realize.
Hiring may seem like a daunting task, and connecting with the current generation is a problem all us recruiters are coming to terms with. However, as picky as the current generation is when it comes to jobs, you will be surprised at how adept they are at solving problems. This is the generation that knows the solution to most problems is just a few clicks away, and they are a valuable addition to any workforce.

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