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Even though traditional recruiters and HR executives that lord the industry still staunchly believe in the conventional recruitment methods, social media is one of the most popular technological tools used by recruiters to ensure top talent scouting and acquisition.
The level of interaction enabled by the various social media platforms allows the establishment of better communication between prospective hires and the organizations. It also serves to increase potential talent engagement, lead to fast hires, and give easier access to better quality, passive employees than traditional recruiting does.
To tap into the one of the biggest pools of talented candidates to hire, you could begin via the considerably established social media platforms. Here is a basic guide to use the top three social media networks for recruitment purposes:


LinkedIn is by far the most exclusive tool to recruit talent. Not only is LinkedIn the largest of all online professional networks, it offers a multitude of recruitment options, depending on your need.
You can either operate free or basic LinkedIn accounts that give you access to a limited variety of talent groups, relevant to your requirements. Or you could invest in a TalentFinder account which is a paid profile that allows organizations to purchase various job-posting packages.
To fully utilize LinkedIn as recruitment tool, develop an expanded network of industry professionals by nurturing authentic personal and professional relationships. Remain in contact with all colleagues for potential employment possibilities in the future. What’s more, curate a keyword-rich profile to establish your company’s brand and standing within the industry. Joining relevant LinkedIn groups, using advanced search options, and communicating actively with the members of your network are also good ways of successful recruiting from the social media platform.


You may have heard through the grapevine that it’s “on the way out”, but Twitter still has a surprisingly large number of registered accounts and users (420 million active accounts). There is plenty of untapped opportunity to recruit successful hires through this particular social media platform however; its potential is largely unrecognized.
It’s a totally open network with no limitation or boundaries that guide its use or purpose as such, it only requires actively targeting and niche interactions to recruit potential candidates. You can easily and openly associate with the considerably sized pool of talent and all for free.
To effectively utilize Twitter, make sure you make every single aspect of your social media profile count. From your twitter handle, your profile picture, the personal or professional bio you share, the content you post along with the size of your following – every single thing counts.
• Here’s a good infographic visual to help you search for relevant terms on Twitter.


One of the biggest social media platforms, Facebook caters to a very diverse range of demographics. This means that the talent pool is very vast and all-encompassing.
It can either be used directly by posting job openings on your organization’s Facebook page, or you can design various types of Facebook ads that can be promoted through the Facebook career pages. Through the much defined search options on Facebook, recruiters can easily scout, review, and contact prospective candidates for hire.
• Here’s a resource to help with finding candidates on Facebook.

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