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It is such an accomplishment when a candidate proves you right about their potential and capacity to succeed following a hire. A successful hire really is the pinnacle of a recruiter’s career. However, while there are many things recruiters are great at when hiring prospective candidates that turn out to be the right one, writing job descriptions does not seem to be one of them.
While most recruiters are unlikely to admit to the fact, most of our recruiting fails are because of long, indirect, and almost rigid job descriptions that are off-putting even to the most ill suited candidate for the job.
Fortunately for us, writing a fantastic job description that is sure to result in a successful hire, is almost as simple as ABC. Here’s how to get it right, every time:

Be Concise

No one likes to read a long winding tale of what is and what isn’t in a job description. There’s really no need for huge descriptive paragraphs that makes a candidate lose their interest after the first two lines.  One of the most important aspect of writing a good job description is to ensure that it is to the point, and concise.
Avoid using industry jargon, complicated technical terms, or flowery language to sell the job. Stick to clear, simple language to entice the right kind of candidates to position proposed in the job description. Remember, the job listing is a direct reflection of the institution you are recruiting for. The less cluttered the job description is, the more simple the hiring process will be.

Provide Adequate Information

Avoid writing a lot and deviating from the purpose of the job description itself. There isn’t any need to overwhelm the candidate with unnecessary terminology that is deliberately vague. Be sure to include the necessary and adequate information that is crucial to entice a candidate to apply.
Provide a brief overview of the company. List the skills and competencies expected from the candidate along with the experience requirements. Be sure to also clearly state the salary range and possible benefits included with the job opportunity.

Include Essential Details

Avoid skipping out on the essential details in the job description itself. Not only will it create confusion for the candidates that are considering applying, it is unlikely to result in a favorable hire for you as well.
Begin the job description by clearly outlines the job title that clearly shows the nature of the job mentioned. Provide a list of duties and responsibilities that are directly associated with the job described. If possible, take the opportunity to highlight the day-to-day expectations as best as you can along with the major activities of the position to allow the candidate valuable insight and understanding of the overall work environment of the organization.
It is essentials that you are as honest and open about the responsibilities and tasks expected of the person fulfilling a particular role in the company to avoid issues in the future.

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